Psychedelic Meets Cinematic

Transform Your Visuals with PsychePrint LUTs. Experience the revolution in color grading and achieve mesmerizing, psychedelic effects that will set your projects apart. 🚀

Color Grade Trippy Videos with PsychePrint LUTs

PsychePrint LUTs are more than just color grading tools—they are a gateway to extraordinary video.

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  • Transformative Visual Impact

    Unlock your video's potential. 15 trippy LUTs for dramatic, emotive visuals.

  • Creative Expression Unleashed

    Join the ranks of professionals in the music and film industries who trust COLOUR X for top-quality results in their projects.

  • Elevate Your Visuals

    Don't settle for ordinary – elevate your work with COLOUR X and create surreal masterpieces that captivate your audience.


15 LUTs

Explore a range of dynamic, color-enhancing LUTs.

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📜 In-Depth Grading Guide

Master the art of color grading with our comprehensive guide.

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📷 Inspiring Previews

See the stunning potential of each preset in action.

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🎨 What Are PsychePrint LUTs?

PsychePrint LUTs are a collection of 15 dynamic color grading tools designed to bring psychedelic and cinematic effects to your video projects.

💾 What Software Is Compatible With PsychePrint LUTs?

They work seamlessly with Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and other software supporting .CUBE files.

🖥️ Can I Use PsychePrint LUTs On Both Mac And Windows?

Yes, these LUTs are compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

📸 Which Video Projects Benefit Most From PsychePrint LUTs?

Ideal for music videos, short films, and any creative content that seeks to stand out with vivid, emotive visuals.

🔄 What Is The Best Way To Preview Changes Before Applying?

Use the inspiring previews included in our guide to see how each LUT can transform your footage before applying it.

🎨 What Should I Do If A LUT Doesn’t Look Right On My Footage?

Adjust the intensity or combine it with other adjustments to achieve the desired effect.

📸 How Can I Download PsychePrint LUTs?

Click 'Download Now' on our product page to instantly access the LUTs after purchase.

🎨 Can These LUTs Be Used For Commercial Projects?

Yes, PsychePrint LUTs are suitable for both personal and commercial projects.

🚀 Are Updates Included With My Purchase?

Yes, all updates to the PsychePrint LUTs are included free of charge.