• 🎥 Master Cinematic Grading

    Transform videos with professional grading tools, such as LUT packs, presets, and more.

  • 📷 Explore Unique Photo FX

    Boost your photo, video, and design projects with high-resolution textures and overlays.

  • 🎨 Access Avant-Garde Presets

    Explore unique looks and surrealist color grades with our experimental preset packs.

The Ultimate Set (450+ Presets!)

Elevate your edits with 500 top Lightroom presets: jaw-dropping effects, cinema-inspired palettes, avant-garde aesthetics, one-click magic.

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Surreal Colors, Cinematic Quality

Trip viewers with Psycheprint's surreal colors—perfectly trippy yet cinematic.


Transform Your Digital Photos Into Realistic Film

Get film-like photos cheaply & easily with NOIZ, beyond Lightroom's basics.

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Design Magic – Polaroid Scans for Mixed Media

Designers, capture the concert vibe with Polaroid Scans I & II. High-res images for nostalgic album art. Create now.

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Unlock Surreal Imagery with 1 Click Filters

Craft stunning photography with COLOUR X, 500 presets designed to inspire and streamline your editing workflow. Unlock surreal imagery instantly.

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🎨 Why Colour Labs?

Our innovative tools inspire you to redefine your genre and create groundbreaking visuals.

🧩 Can I Combine Products For Unique Effects?

Absolutely! Combine products to unlock endless possibilities and create one-of-a-kind effects.

🖥️ Compatible With Popular Software?

Our products seamlessly integrate with top creative software, enabling you to innovate with ease.

💼 Can I Use Products Commercially?

Absolutely! Use our products commercially to bring your artistic vision to life in professional projects.

📥 How Do I Access Purchased Products?

Access your purchased products instantly via download links and your user-friendly account area.

❓ What If I Need Help With A Product?

Our expert support team is here to assist you, ensuring you can focus on creating, not troubleshooting. Click support to access the form.